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Solidworks free reddit. The version I have now is called Student 2021-2022. 0 high performance NVMe drive, but a Decent SATA SSD is the minimum. For Solidworks modelling and assemblies you want the best single core performance with Intel i9-12900KS processor or similar. But modeling doesn’t always happen perfectly FYI, as far as I can tell, the "hobbyist" 2022 Solidworks looks and feels like the standard 2019 Solidworks other than some reflections and shadowing "enhancements". Zero Tolerance What are the best resources to prepare for the CSWP exam? I have used model mania to practice for the first segment of the exam and feel prepared for that. The courses are structured keeping in mind both tools knowledge as well as engineering design approach. Fusion 360 used to be free for startups, but from what I can see it's $140 per year for a subscription. But it's also not something your company would be buying. I personally have a fancy laptop for work with current certified graphics, but my home office has a 3050 and I don't notice a major difference on most projects. Once you sell something to someone they can do what they want with it including reselling it. I say again, never upgrade to SP1. I always wanted to use SolidWorks, but I thought the cost was about $4000 + $1300 / year. Solidworks has practice tests that you can take to assess your skills. Unless you like pain. Never use early SPs for important work. Apollo was an award-winning free Reddit app for iOS with over 100K 5-star reviews, built with the community in mind, and with a focus on speed, customizability, and best in class iOS features. The practice exam on the SolidWorks website is only for section 1 I believe but it’s good practice. 3DExperience SolidWorks for Makers $99/year. Does anybody know anything about this? I really enjoyed having that free copy of Solidworks, both for personal and actual projects, and it’s just a bummer that it seems that it’s gone. SolidWorks is a dedicated stand alone product that focuses on the modelling side of things, but IMO has a shocking drafting side to it. And yes, yes it is worth it. Preferably SolidWorks, since most other CAD software has open source alternatives that are readily available. I have heard that they will arrest anyone who is caught pirating it and that you need to permanently have your device 34 votes, 44 comments. Question about the (free) 'Solidworks' for startup program. 10 votes, 22 comments. pdf. A 3060 works fine for casual SolidWorks use as a student or hobbyist. Also, OnShape is free for all, and is cloud based. . This course is not monetized in any way, I just found out that Canvas offers free hosting for free courses, so I hosted it there and made it available to all. 1 Share. AMD Ryzen and AMD GPU good enough for solidworks??? Depends on which specific gpu/cpu ofc, latest cpu generations (5000/7000 series) should be on par with Intel counterparts, for gpu a certified radeon pro card would be best, but gaming cards also work for less demanding tasks. SOLIDWORKS Cloud Apps for Students. 12. Best thing you can do to learn solidworks is to pick up an object around the house and figure out how to build it. It does everything that Solidworks does in terms of modelling, leargely because the company was founded by ex-Solidwork execs. Though far lower than the $3,995 licensing fee for the standard edition, this is still far from free! ALL posts related to SOLIDWORKS are welcome. For a license of SolidWorks it’s around 20,000 where as for an inventor license it’s around 2,000. A community for sharing and promoting free/libre and open-source software (freedomware) on the Android platform. Aryan is the founding father of ThinkCAD GMBT. We encourage you to use SolidWorks for your undergrad studies & competitions & capstones. If you even prefer to also read the information, I am more than happy to send you a 1216 page book, called "Mastering Solidworks" by Matt Lombard. More stable, more reliable and fully integrated into Windchill. 38K subscribers in the maker community. . cecs. This is a trap. "They wrote", yes. Is there still a way to get solidworks for free through cmu? My friends who did maker series last year got it for free but now I only see the option to buy a disc (dont even have a disc reader) for $25 from the computer store. The user interface is 100x better than Creo. This is copyright infringement. By methodically putting lessons in chronological order his SWCP is the best Solidworks course I’ve learned from. It has some extra features if you want to pay for them. ALL posts related to SOLIDWORKS are welcome. The only way you get caught is trying to use it and their website for templates and their cloud at the same time which is a big piracy no no. sorry man. Pretty sure that’s what the normal student licence is, just normally it’s paid for by the university or whatever. Get tips, resources, and feedback from other users. , and software that isn’t designed to restrict you in any way. Yes, a 4060 is good enough. No text labels on icons and inconsistent dialog boxes. The pricing is also comparable over many years. So many options and toolbars that are confusing. 6. More people trained on solidworks means companies have a more obvious choice in their cad program. Solidworks Educational Premium. So they are offering any students who have A lot of drawings still need to go to the workshop in paper format and Autocad is a good way to learn how to go around 2D. Also its online only like Fusion360 and not compatible with regular Solidworks. Are there classes that give out free copies of SolidWorks? The assignments are different than what you'll see on the CSWA and CSWP exams, but they are laid out in the same format: multiple choice, numerical answer, increasingly complex models and tighter requirements as you progress through the program. During my interview, it was brought up that I have a certificate but was then followed up with technical questions in regards to assembly structure, ID models, and working with a PDM. Download instructions for qualified educators, students, military, and sponsored organizations. It is no strings attached at this point in time and installs and runs locally - no internet connection needed to run or cloud storage required. It includes CAD, full FEA, full CFD and all the tools in SolidWorks Premium. Sort by: Mayster101. Note that even when laptop GPUs have similar names ("rtx 4060") to their desktop These programs are pivotal for my 3D printing workflow: Blender. I want it to be able to unfold into flat pattern properly, since it is physically possible. $60 USD $48 USD/year (Limited time only) A set of browser-based 3D Apps designed by SOLIDWORKS and powered by the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform. If your adventurous look into Freecad. A community for fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, with an expanded free trial that includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward and Stormblood expansions up to level 70 with no restrictions on playtime. It's an extension that you can use with Microsoft Word and Google Docs for In terms of features, both programs have advantages over the other: SolidWorks is great for things like 3D sketches and volume sweeps and FEA, whereas Onshape is great for part to part modeling and revision history and its ability to add new custom features. There are free 1-year trial licenses available (USC's AME 101 Syllabus has instructions 62K subscribers in the SolidWorks community. They will know how many licensed seats your school owns and whether or not you qualify for the SDK or SEK programs. Oct 9, 2023 · SolidWorks 2024: Free Download of the Full Version. Solidworks, IMO, is more user friendly than fusion. It's not worth spinning up the lawyer team for a $3k license. 5k ones have rtx 4060. A dedicated workstation should have 32GB at minimum. You can also prepare for SOLIDWORKS certification exams. fusion360 can import solidworks files. It has 3D modeling in SpaceClaim. Oct 13, 2014 · To do this, contact your school’s CAD Administrator. HOWEVER, duplication of software is not legal. Is it just me or does solidworks suck pretty badly at creating/maintaining features for organic shapes? The best way to learn the software is to work through the included tutorials. Apr 17, 2020 · Here are the top 5 resources out there to help you learn SOLIDWORKS for free. •• Edited. Because of AutoCAD the drafting / detailing is far superior. ️. SolidWorks has multiple different programs that allows for a lot more stuff (FEA simulations, heat transfer analysis, and many more), this makes it more appealing to universities where as for NavinF. ago. About 750 people are working through it at the moment. I just got reminded that recently by a bunch of aggressive American lawyers after using a famous CAD engineering software with a 10+K license illegally and had to face an extremely severe regularisation. They have a free license edition available to makers/small businesses. It’s also run on AWS so you don’t need a serious rig to run it. Onshape was developed by one of the original vreators of Solidworks, and it's free to use. a loft), but figuring it out will help you learn much quicker. Once you're logged in, go to software and you'll see a full list of all the free software that we have access to. Not worth it IMHO. • 7 mo. Software that you can download to your own computer: For engineering students only. Further more putting together a quick layout in autocad is so much easier than 3D. I’d highly recommend actually completing the built in tutorials before moving out into the jungle that is YouTube or the internet. Loc269. com that has a ton of really good courses and tutorials. If you submit data to an internet site hosted by DS SolidWorks, you will be subject to the Term of Use posted on such site. Fusion sucks, I only use it for the small business free acount, it feels less like a CAD system and more like Paint+. I know friends who have. The free online trials are using a virtual machine back-end so it is not using your hardware. Your company would be buying some of the other roles such as XSculptor, XDesign, etc, or maybe even some of the PDM-like or business data DS SolidWorks grants to you a royalty-free and nonexclusive license to use and copy the Software in accordance with this Agreement and for your own internal business purposes. For library parts pick an orientation for each part type and be consistent. The basic free version works fine if you just need to view files though. Worry about learning the software first, and then think about certification. Also, one of the pieces of software you can download to your own computer that I strongly recommend if you ever have to write lab reports or whatnot: Mathtype. Your trial will be fully functional, watermarked and for educational You can get the makers/ student licence for £100 a year, that’s a fraction of what most ppl spend on streaming services. All the autodesk stuff is free. Technically, since I'm not enrolled in college yet I cannot get the software for free through PSU, this will be perfect until I'm in school. 100% Pirate Free… Frequently in this subreddit, we see lots of questions about what computer hardware is good for SolidWorks, especially in the summer when new engineering students are trying to buy their laptop/PC for their first year classes. Be smart and use VPN + PRIVATE p2p servers. Share what you know. What most people here associate with "3DExperience" is going to be "3dExperience SolidWorks for Makers", which is a bad user experience at the moment. There are lots of youtube videos for how to do specific things (eg. I'm trying to make this spring-tube connectors for power splitter. Does UC Berkeley offer its engineering students free CAD software (I know we get a lot of stuff from Microsoft for free, for example). I might suspect that there are some internet speed issues involved here as the online trial system does put some horsepower behind running SOLIDWORKS itself. I've noticed earlier that SolidWorks doesn't always allow to make sheet metal parts From my experience, the files we get made with SolidWorks tend to require less fixing or have less corruption issues during file conversion (e. Fuck all that. Its a $40/year membership, and I have only joined it to get Solidworks although if you are also into planes, you might get more out of it. It's just at a pretty vague location in the school website that not too many students are aware of. bsneider1. You will have to message me because I will have to email you the google drive document link as a . edu) no longer exists, and the new “UCF Apps” program does not include Solidworks. Of you really miss SOLIDWORKS a lot they have a license that's ~$100 a year (can't remember if that's student or small business). And if fusion 360 is anything like inventor than sw is more intuitive than that as well after using it for a bit. No offense to those folks - those videos are great for walking through specific features or getting started with SW. Please enter your information in the fields below. SolidWorks doesn't allow to bend the flat sheet metal part into the round tube using Sheet Metal tools. edu/ and create an account using your knights email. Hey everyone - the bosses have a surplus and are letting us get some new computers to run Solidworks, Keyshot, and other similar programs that…. 4. Afterwards with 3D you can go with solidworks, inventor or the others like microstation, catia and solid edge. I remember downloading the student version without issues last quarter but now I can’t find it on the uw software page A big thing with schools is Solidworks student licenses. YOU can help us in return. Insert-Features-Save bodies or insert the entire model into a new part and keep/delete bodies for each individual part you want. It started development in late 2014 and ended June 2023. I recently purchased the student version to find out I can't open my part because it was made in a future version. Just finding the download and installing it was another time-consuming nightmare. I earned my CSWP certification in 2015 after ten years of being a SolidWorks power user. Reply reply. SOLIDWORKS Community Download Instructions. With over 31,000 education and research customers worldwide, SOLIDWORKS helps graduating engineers and designers succeed in their careers through innovation. Earn (or already have) your CSWA at least, and it's free! The global SolidWorks conference is in Atlanta this year - which covers much more than just CAD, it covers manufacturing, design, automotive, simulation, motorsports, and so many other areas. Yes, use Solidworks. Where can I practice solidworks if I'm not a student and don't have $1000s of dollars to spend? Entrepeneur licenses are also free of cost from Autodesk, solidworks, and solid edge. Access to a dedicated student community. This is the person in charge of all things SOLIDWORKS. There are free and low cost SolidWorks options. This book covers everything related to the CAD Part of SOLIDWORKS. Choose an appropriate sketch plane so your model orientation matches the orientation of the assembly. Full SolidWorks with cloud based add-ons. It can be pretty difficult to find good SW tutorials with people that actually work in the industry and aren’t VARs or hobbyists. But in practice Install it alongside and have a go with it, just don’t do critical work on it (although in theory you can save as an older file now and then use in 2023 if needed). Thousands of CSWA, CSWP, even CSWE certs have been earned by my students after getting their foundation in this class. The SW folks want us to have a strong showing there. They actually do offer a "free" version. A $2-3k laptop won't perform that much better. Sed. YouTube is free but doesn’t teach you in a manner where all of the data is in chronological sense and is Looks like they are charging $99/yr for it now. Go to: https://my. I am thinking about moving back to Solidworks after the Fusion 360 fiasco, and noticed that Solidworks is offering free… If you are just looking to get your CSWA I would just YouTube it. It's a cloud based program similar to Fusion360 called "SOLIDWORKS 3DX". But then I came across the SOLIDWORKS for entrepreneur program, which seems to be - on paper - quite interesting as it gives you access to a free SOLIDWORKS licence for 12 months if you qualify. Never http links to access medicine. edu email, you can get a student version. Blender is a full-fledged and free polygon-based 3D program. don’t have the budget to break the bank with a 2-3k laptop many of the 1-1. The old website (my. Good luck on your search though. forget if it can recognize the features or not. what SDK-ID should I fill in? Didn't work for me either. g. All the computing power is down by Amazon. EDST e-learning. You need to have a legitimate business, that is tax id duns number articles of incorporation bank account mailing address operating agreement, and of course be making less than 100k/year and be less than 3 years old. Still a great deal though. I think the certification tests are only like $35 so that's not bad at all. Nope, gaat niet lukken. Intel i7-12700K is very close in performance 'tho, difference being about 5%. Software, like anything else is subject to the first sale doctrine. Yes, you can buy a used version of SW (technically). Open YouTub e videos and start practice, more practice, more and more practice. What you can get for free is Dassault's SolidEdge Community version. Looking for a full version of SolidWorks 2024 to download for free? Check out your options along with what's new in SolidWorks 2024. If the part is used in multiple orientations, pick one that works best. And as soon as you can afford it, buy your softwares. Is there a Student 2022-2023? How can I get access to editing my original part? Thanks! I had a trial of the community version I believe and made a part. Award. UCF, for example, provides it to engineering students for free. If you want great performance, you have to get a desktop. teradactyl-rex. Ansys has a free student version. Inventor fits into AutoDesks vision to cover everything and try to get it all to integrate. Don't worry about getting a certification if you don't actually know the software. SolidWorks is vastly more expensive than autodesk. Not for Commercial Use. Honestly, a lot of hobbyists like Fusion 360 because it's easy to get, has a fairly open license for makers, and has light CAM, sculpting, and simulation functionality. Updated Oct 9, 2023. SSD: You want SolidWorks on an SSD. Oct 8, 2018 · If you read up on our article about SolidWorks pricing, however, you’ll know that Dassault Systèmes don’t offer a student version for free. They are easy to find, under the Help menu. by All3DP. I am a advising a startup and we were about to bite the bullet on a SW licence. Here are a few you can try out. It's different than SolidWorks, but might be easier to learn for newbies to parametric 3D CAD modeling. The online intro class from our reseller is $1,800. Does anybody know how to get a student liscence for Solidworks through the CECS website? Request an Education Evaluation. Worth mentioning that it is a student edition. • 6 yr. Easier access to advanced stuff, every tool just “makes sense” in how, where, and why it’s used. Still very inexpensive for a decent 3d cad program. The internal tutorials in the SolidWorks application are a great place to start. My experience with Catia was quite a while ago, I mostly remember the UI being a bit awkward. Solidworks seems to give up some functionality for an increase in usability. Paid, of course, but not unreasonable for a professional level, comprehensive education on solidworks. 2. Look at Spanner Product Development on YouTube by Mark Biasotti. The guy who left, and I am replacing had little Solidworks experience at the start so there was a lag period where he had to learn quickly. If you do qualify, they will be able to provide you with a student access code, the SDK-ID or the SEK-ID. +1 for onshape. I’m mostly in need of practice for segments 2 and 3 (working with configurations and modelling assemblies). Definitely not going to get it for "just playing with SolidWorks". Our company recently moved from solidworks and it’s been awesome. i cant seem to find any online Always use fully defined sketches centered about the origin. Zero Tolerance It's not free, but I think mine was $130 for the year. 100% Pirate Free Sub. CREO View seems to be far superior from 3DVia or eDrawings. And if it doesn't work well, please recommend a graphics card that would work well for a CAD/gaming build. In fact, it comes in at a recommended sales price of $150. ucf. Anything else, I just found some YouTube videos of people going through all sections of previous years exams and that certainly helped with section 3 and some specific assembly mates I hadn’t used in a while. It isn't necessary to have a super-fast PCIe 5. The trial is for the paid version of it that includes measuring tools and other things like that. We have arranged for RPI students to download and activate a full copy of SolidWorks that will run until 5/31/2014. The closest thing on the market is Fusion 360 which is free. Thank you! I've been wanting to learn some of the basics for future applications in school, projects, and eventually the workplace. For all UCLA students. Anytime, anywhere on any device (Chromebook, MACs, Tablets, Mobile, PC) Certifications (worth $50 each) and learning content included. Below are some of the common questions, answers and general recommendations for this software package. The mating system is weird at first if you come from a solidworks or inventor background but once it clicks the software is very nice to use. <RECOMMENDED IF POSSIBLE> from Titans of CNC ~$20-100 /year depending on sales Solidworks maker for $99/year - a lot of people have been having issues with this though due to some limitations and the newness of this version. a surface disappears when converting to STL for printing). 98 votes, 24 comments. 3GHz or faster, Intel® Core i5, i7 or equivalent AMD® Operating System: Windows® 11 and 10 Memory: 8GB or more is required Hard Drive: Standard or Solid State Drive (SSD) > 250GB, keeping 10% drive capacity free space Graphics Cards: NVIDIA® Quadro® A2000 If you have a . SOLIDWORKS 2022 Basic System Processor: 3. The built in tutorials are plenty to get started, and then you just need to keep modeling stuff until you're good at it. In 25 years I’d assume you’ve gained pretty advanced skills and you will be able to utilize that skill better in Solidworks, by a LONGSHOT. Learn what you don't. As for your particular hardware, you might want to visit these various threads citing issues There’s a website called OpenX. There are features that help a lot, such as revealing nonmanifold geometry. Some of the issues are: placing too many features (cut-outs/holes) into one sketch, too many parent/child relationships, lack of construction geometry/relationships leading to over-dimensioning, creating dimensions in drawing instead of using sketch dimensions from the model, assembly mates issues, etc. If you want to save bodies to stl for printing, select a surface of a body, save stl, then click selected bodies only in he pop-up. Get free 60-day SOLIDWORKS trial software for your class and curriculum development. Autodesk Inventor also has free version for Not free, but the cheapest I have found is becoming a member of EAA. 3DExperience SolidWorks for Makers files can't be opened by anything except another 3DExperience SolidWorks for Makers. The learning curver is easy if you're used to the Solidworks interface. Despite the challenges of running Solidworks on an ARM-based processor, the software worked flawlessly, with no lags or bugs at all. He is the best Solidworks teacher in his class. 75K subscribers in the SolidWorks community. Join the discussion on how to learn SolidWorks, a popular 3D modeling software, in the fastest and most effective way. FreeCAD is parametric and will take a lot of getting used to coming from SOLIDWORKS. You can actually use the SLDPRT file to directly get quotes on CNC/lathe/sheet and 3D printing with many vendors. Meshmixer. Downsides compared to SW: The entire UI experience in CREO is terrible. NC State students get it for free via our software website. Welcome to r/maker! This sub is dedicated to any and all forms of making. For eligible makers and hobbyists, please explore our new Maker portfolio. Any help would be appreciated. It's very useful for organic shaped prints. The biggest advantage of FreeCAD is that FreeCAD is yours, when you create a file in FreeCAD is your file forever. The M1 Pro chip is a CPU based on ARM architecture, which means that running Solidworks, originally designed for x64 architecture, on this chip is a big deal. They offer SOLIDWORKS courses for beginning to advanced users, hands-on exercises, and practice exams. There's a paid student version for $145 and there are ways to get an academic version for free, but it's a pain. 64GB is not a bad idea if you are doing simulation, motion studies, or other heavier workloads. This means software you are free to modify and distribute, such as applications licensed under the GNU General Public License, BSD license, MIT license, Apache license, etc. • 8 mo. Your school may provide it for free. Zbrush. The best advanced SW tutorials I’ve come across. Files created with other proprietary applications are not 100% yours, because you need a tool that is not free, and maybe it's not available forever. Zero Tolerance I chose Fusion 360 because I thought it was the highest level of professional software available for free or low cost. Some of it is free for hobbyists as well although you could always just make a college email address to just use the student version. Redirecting to /r/SolidWorks/comments/m6hvc0/free_solidworks_license_for_makershobbyists/gr6uup0/. That said, the whole "3DExperience" is a freaking nightmare. 3. You could either go that route, or see if you can get a license through a local college. If you have questions, @ me or one of the other mentors on Discord! Pretty sure edrawing viewer is free. yw sz ws hk sn ww kf gv ka tw